Retirement Planning

Stewardship’s proprietary software creates truly custom retirement plans tailored to each client’s specific situation. Your plan from Stewardship covers your entire retirement, year by year, dollar by dollar. We’ll make sure you understand the hows and whys behind your plan and show you how it can be adjusted to adapt to changing circumstances.

The plan will handle any variation of current and future savings as well as account for all income streams including social security, pensions and perhaps part-time work. It also accounts for the tax ramifications of qualified retirement accounts such as 401(k)s or IRAs as well as non-qualified accounts such as individual or joint accounts. It also allows for any variation of additional future income or expenses. The sophisticated projected returns are based on your appetite for risk/return/volatility. We’ll work with you to create goals and strategies that are sound and realistic. We can also create a variety of projections based upon different goals and assumptions.



Stewardship mainly recommends mutual funds and encourages clients to open accounts at Vanguard. Click here to see our investment section for more details.


College Savings

For decades, college costs have outpaced inflation. That, combined with the limited years to save for a child’s education, can make saving for college especially difficult. Stewardship typically employs self-directed 529s, along with a conservative approach, to best position you for success in this challenging area.



Detailed insurance needs analysis are created without the pressure of needing to buy a product. Stewardship helps you determine what you need. Armed with that, the process of buying insurance can be both less stressful and less confusing.


Cash Flow / Budgets

We can work with you to resolve cash flow and budgeting issues. We’ll help you create a budget, create a process for paying bills on time, and set realistic savings goals. Our approach provides ongoing support to help you break old habits and create new ones. If you have the will, we’ll help you figure out the way.



We work with small businesses on their 401(k)s and help individuals and couples with unique situations.